University of Cantabria (UNICAN) - IDIVAL

The node of UNICAN – IDIVAL borns from the union of two different groups: the first one, the people working in the Department of Earth Sciences and Condensed Matter Physics (CITIMAC) of the University of Cantabria (UNICAN). At CITIMAC, people are interested in the interparticle coupling of Rare-Earth alloys and nanoparticles but also in the role of the disorder within the core or shell of the nanoparticles. Special attention is given to the standardization of the measurement techniques of the nanoparticles.

On the other hand, people working in IDIVAL-NanoScience. IDIVAL promotes and develops research and innovation in the biomedical environment of Cantabria whose epicentre is the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital, with a vocation to seek solutions to health problems and contribute to the scientific, educational, social and economic growth. People from the node is focused on the nanomaterials that could be applied to the cancer treatment as they can provide radically different ways of treating and beating cancer.
The connection point between these two groups is done by Professor Rafael Valiente Barroso.

What is their role in NanoBioAp?

As a multidisciplinary network,we complement each other.
People working at UNICAN – IDIVAL are spesialised in:

Do you want to know more about UNICAN - IDIVAL?

If you are interested in the work of UNICAN – IDIVAL you can have a look at their web page here and here, respectively. There are more people working than the one belonging to NanoBioAp Network. You will discover also their other lines of investigation, their latest publications, the forthcoming events and maybe even a job!

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