UB Research Lines

[14] Proyecto MINECO 2016-18: Nanopartículas y nanoelementos multifuncionales: propiedades magnéticas y plasmónicas (MAT2015- 68772-P), IP: Xavier Batlle Gelabert. Proyecto MINECO 2013-15: Nanoestructuras magnéticas multifuncionales: efectos de superficie, interfase y proximidad (MAT2012-33037), IP: Xavier Batlle Gelabert.
[15] Proyecto International Research Staff Exchange Scheme; FP7 Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission 2013-16 (IRSES 318901): Coupling effects in magnetic patterned nanostructures. IP (UB): Xavier Batlle.
[16]  Conde-Rubio, A.;  Fraile Rodríguez, A.; Borrisé, X.; Perez-Murano, F.; Batlle, X. & Labarta, A., Geometric frustration in a hexagonal lattice of plasmonic nanoelements. Opt. Express 26, 20211 (2018).
[17] Salinas, H. D.; Restrepo, J. & Iglesias, Ò., Change in the magnetic configurations of tubular nanostructures by tuning dipolar interactions. Sci. Rep. 8, 10275 (2018).
[41] Proyecto MICINN 2009-11: Development of ultrasensitive detection methods and plant nano-vaccines for the fungi fusarium spp. using nanotechnological devices, IP(CSIC): C. Marquina.