Applied Magnetism Institute (IMA)- Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM)

The Institute of Applied Magnetism (IMA) was created in 1989 (R.D. 1405/1989) by the Complutense University of Madrid and RENFE, (nowadays ADIF). It is the first University Research Institute created in Spain under the L.R.U. The group is a consolidated research team composed by permanent researchers, postdocs, PhD students and several undergraduate students. Along its 30 years, 43 doctoral theses has been defended.

The most important feature is its versatility, the connection between basic research and technology transfer. It has been involved from basic studies of the magnetic properties of materials, to manufacture of a valve that allows voluntary control of the sphincter for people with dysfunctions, also the design of bracelets to prevent gender violence or a technological development of an auscultation system of balises for the high speed train (AVE) made for ADIF.

Since its creation, the group presents a strong scientific activity and a high productivity in the field of magnetic materials and their applications. The team has participated in a large number of national and international projects, and has signed over 140 contracts with a considerable number of companies.

What is their role in NanoBioAp?

As a multidisciplinary network,we complement each other.
People working at IMA are spesialised in:

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