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NanoBioAp (Nanoparticles for Bio-Applications) is a cluster of excellence that was created in 2016 and financially supported by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spanish Government (MINECO) through project MAT2016-81955-REDT at that time.

The consortium brings together a vast experience covering nanoparticle synthesis, both by classical and novel routes, their application to point-of-care bioanalytical devices, hyperthermia or controlled drug release, as well as a large variety of characterization techniques and standardized nanometrology methods for industrial utilization.

Members of NanoBioAp at the 1st Nanomaterials Applied to Life Sciences (NALS) that took place in Gijón, (Spain) in December 2017 (more info).


We research NANO, We think BIGGER

Although the word nano refers to things smaller than what maybe we can imagine, their applicability is huge. However, there is the need to understand how they behave in this tiny dimensions.

Our researchers are focused on nanoscience by different means: the synthesis and deep characterisation of nanomaterials is important in order to use them in the different possible applications. From detecting biomarkers to target malignant cells and deliver drugs, nanomaterials opened a wide range of possibilities. As the great physicist Richard Feynman once said there’s plenty of room at the bottom, and we are more than willing to understand it and take advantage of it.

Magnetic Materials

Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials by classical and novel routes.
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Taking advantage of their size and magnetic, optical and/or electrochemical properties, nanomaterials can detect different molecules of interest.
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Drug Delivery

Targeting the right place and at the same time, reducing toxicity and side effects of drugs.
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Magnetic nanoparticles as a heating source targets the tissue/tumor and warms it up by an external alternating magnetic field in order to destry the cells.
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